Relaxing Pleasure

At the intersection of past and present stands Valletta Lucente, a striking, luxurious property embraced in rich 400-year history.

Set in the heart of Valletta, this 17th-century property is surrounded by Baroque listed properties, Caravaggio paintings, Piano’s design and breathtaking architecture.  Inside, guests are enveloped in its richly modernized interior, creating a magical ambiance in Mediterranean tradition.

Each Suite is a unique blend of the French art de Vivre and local refinement. Situated in a prestigious central Valletta address, Valletta Lucente features modern interior aesthetics within the stately 17th Century façade of a listed building. Elegant white Carrara marble floors, large windows, Maltese style balconies, classic leather paneling, and specially commissioned frescoes welcome you to this unique prime property.

The Central courtyard, traditional to the noble houses built by the Knights of Malta and a beautiful French statue dedicated to St Michael welcomes you to a relaxed journey through history with a guarantee to carry such feelings for time to come. Delicate and serene, it is the perfect place to relax with a book from the library or indulge in a nice glass of wine kissed by the sweet Mediterranean sun.

The small but charming wine cellar offers a unique list, with a  selection of champagne makes every moment the right time for celebration. Dedication and love for life are at the heart of our home. Artesian homemade prosciutto, salami and the famous local cheese combined with a vast selection of homemade chutneys, jams, local sweet honey, piccalilli, olives, capers and sundried tomatoes are simply irresistible. This and more enhance the luxurious ambiance and opens up the senses to really live relaxed the noble way in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Eye for detail, dedication, love, passion, appreciation of history and above all personal input have worked magic to create this hideaway in the pumping heart of European City for Culture 2018.


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